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Taunton Caledonian Society was founded in 1948 for Scots who had moved to England and were seeking to keep the clans together. It was then a social club gathering particularly for Hallowe'en, St Andrew's Night, Hogmanay and Burns Supper, but also for whist drives, beetle drives, dramatic presentations and children's parties.

Over the years it has become predominantly a dancing club, meeting weekly on a Wednesday evening.

What we do

We dance all the year round with no breaks in the summer. We have a number of instructors to help us learn new dances and remind us of familiar ones. There are thousands of dances but we have a Dance of the Month which is repeated every week to give the opportunity to everyone to familiarise themselves with it.

From time to time we have Requests Evenings when members select their own favourite dances, sometimes popular ones, sometimes less well-known ones.

Our annual dance in November is always a popular event and in recent years we have also been holding a second dance in the summer (June or July), the proceeds of which are donated to charity.

Above all, we are a very friendly group whose aim is to learn dances and to have fun.

Why not come along and join us? Whether you're an experienced dancer or whether you've just moved to the area or whether you're a beginner, you will be most welcome.