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The Sociey aims to have a number of "core dances" which members learn sufficiently well to dance without any walk-throughs. Members are invited to familiarise themselves with the core dance for each club night and those who feel confident to dance it will have the opportunity of doing so without any calling. There is no obligation to participate; it is merely an opportunity for those who would like to do so to acquire a repertoire of dances that become very well-known to them.

Core dances from July to December 2022 are as follows:

6th July Swiss Lassie
13th July Pelorus Jack
20th July The Gentleman
27th July Shiftin' Bobbins
3rd August The Jubilee Jig
10th August Neidpath Castle
17th August The Sailor
24th August Hooper's Jig
31st August The Garry Strathspey
7th September Swiss Lassie
14th September Pelorus Jack
21st September The Gentleman
28th September Shiftin' Bobbins
5th October The Jubilee Jig
12th October Neidpath Castle
19th October The Sailor
26th October Hooper's Jig
2nd November The Garry Strathspey
9th November Swiss Lassie
16th November Pelorus Jack
23rd November The Gentleman
30th November Shiftin' Bobbins
7th December The Jubilee Jig
14th December Neidpath Castle
21st December The Sailor
28th December Hooper's Jig

Downloadable, printable sets of instructions for all these dances, together with the timetable above, are available in the form of a Minicrib.

Minicrib for Dances July - December 2022